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“Attract Clients Without Struggle”with Jesse Koren, Sharla Jacobs and Cynthia Kersey

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If you say “Yes” to our special gift we’ll be offering during the call (valued at $997), we will contribute $200 toward our goal to raise $25,000 to Adopt a Village in Africa.

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I just signed up for this inspiring Free Teleseminar
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attract high quality clients.

But what’s really cool about this teleseminar
is that they aren’t selling anything, just offering
a free gift (valued at $997) AND if you get the
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an “Adopt a Village” program.

It looks like a valuable call and the donation
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PS. The people leading the call are million dollar
mentors and have taught over 10,000 people
how to grow their businesses and many are
6-Figure success stories (maybe you’ve heard of
Jesse Koren and Sharla Jacobs and the Rejuvenate
Your Practice workshop?). I think you’ll benefit from this:

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Love and Prosperity,

Jesse, Sharla & Cynthia

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